Unveiling The Legacy: How NYU Law Celebrated the AnBryce Scholarship Program With BrightCrowd

January 2024 — By BrightCrowd

Embarking on the transformative journey through law school is a cherished dream for many, a chance to delve into a rich academic curriculum, learn from esteemed professors, and gain invaluable experience. However, the financial constraints often force passionate and qualified individuals to set aside this dream. With the average annual cost for full-time law students at $48,828 and the tuition at the prestigious New York University School of Law soaring to $76,290, the barriers to entry are undeniably significant.

A Commitment To Helping First-Generation Students

Anthony and Beatrice Welters understood the financial challenges many individuals face when attending law school, especially those of first-generation students. So in 1998, the couple founded the AnBryce Scholarship Program to provide full tuition for select NYU Law students who are the first in their immediate family to continue their studies in higher education. Not only does the program offer much-needed funding, but it also provides unparalleled benefits, like networking, personal growth and development, and career enhancement.

NYU Law recognizes the program's impact on past, current, and future generations of law students. It celebrates the program’s ability to help empower up-and-coming leaders within the community. To express its gratitude for the Welters' immeasurable efforts, NYU Law hosted a 25th Anniversary get-together for the program, bringing together past and current scholarship recipients for an in-person celebration.

A Legacy of Impact Captured in a Digital Community Book

The event served as a poignant reminder of the commitment of the program, fostering connections that transcend time. NYU Law alumni seized this unique opportunity to reconnect, reminisce about their time in the program, and share personal and professional milestones. However, what truly elevated the celebration to new heights was the innovative inclusion of a BrightCrowd digital memory book.

This digital masterpiece became a virtual repository of shared experiences, a testament to the enduring impact of the AnBryce Scholarship Program. NYU Law, understanding the value of capturing these moments, encouraged all members to contribute to the digital book. The response was overwhelming, with over 85% of program participants participating, resulting in a compilation of more than 150 pages of heartfelt stories, memories, and gratitude.

The BrightCrowd digital memory book transformed the reunion into a living narrative, enriching the celebration and immortalizing the essence of the AnBryce Scholarship Program. As a token of appreciation to the founders, this meticulously crafted compilation was printed and presented, symbolizing the collective appreciation and legacy of the program.

Fostering Community at Your Institution

Imagine cultivating such profound connections within your Institution’s programs. BrightCrowd specializes in creating digital memory books that not only bridge the gap between alumni and current members but also elevate the overall success of anniversary celebrations. Contact BrightCrowd today to explore how our innovative solutions can infuse life into your school's milestones, creating an everlasting tapestry of shared experiences and enduring connections.